APPLIED GROUP CONCEPT MAPPING generates valued-added action-oriented insights that are used as inputs into strategic planning, risk assessment, and employee satisfaction initiatives.

How are insights generated?

First:  The project is goal is summarized in a FOCUS PROMPT.  The focus prompt is very important.  It is the stimulus for providing ideas that are focused around the matter at hand.

Second:  Participants are asked to GENERATE IDEAS, as many as they can think of, in response to the prompt.

Third:  Participants, individually SORT or group ideas that are related to each other into clusters.

Fourth:  Participants, individually value or RATE each idea on various attributes, such as, importance, feasibility, agreement, frequency.

Last:  The data from the sorting and rating activities is ANALYZED to generate various maps, views, reports and results.  The data is translated to ACTION-ORIENTED INSIGHTS as inputs to the planning initiate.

The Focus Prompt is defined in Phase 1 of the project.slide30

Data Collection is conducted in Phase 2 of the project.slide39slide40slide43slide46

Analysis of the data is conducted in Phase 3 of the project.slide50slide52slide57slide62

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